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Lightning Fast

Up-to-the-second sports commentary from leading sports analysts, reporters, and experts.

Trending Media

Easy access to the best Tweets, Instagrams, and news articles for your favorite sports teams.

Real-time scores

Live, up-to-the-minute scoreboard.

Total Coverage

Comprehensive coverage for NFL, NWSL, MLB, MLS, WNBA, CFL, USWNT, USMNT and more.

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Get the Play-By-Play

See what over 2,000 reporters, sports commentators, and experts are saying throughout the game.

News and videos from hundreds of sources

Read what news outlets around the US and the World are writing about your favorite teams. Watch highlights and video clips from your phone.

Interactive game map

Where is the next game? With Sports Follower, visually tour the stadium and cities where your team plays next.

Engage with other sports fans

Immerse yourself in the sports conversation. Be heard with Sports Follower.

Total Coverage for All your favorite teams

Sports Follower provides complete coverage for NFL, MLB, MLS, NWSL, WNBA, CFL, USWNT, USMNT and more, all in one app.

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